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We are immensely proud that YOIN excellent meeting places is the biggest independent quality standard for conference and event locations in the Netherlands. Our locations do everything they possibly can to organise meetings and events of the utmost quality for their guests and go much further than legislation requires them to. If a firm displays our logo, then you know that their focus on safety, hygiene, craftsmanship and innovation is second to none and it is applied to every single aspect possible. At the very least, every YOIN-certified location complies with the following four requirements:

Solid Foundations
YOIN locations cross every t and dot every i. From general terms and conditions, licensing and insurance that complies with all Dutch legislation such as the Buildings Decree, to criteria that satisfy all terms and conditions of sale specified by government bodies and corporations.

Safety and Hygiene
YOIN locations comply with all legislation relating to HACCP, hygiene, climate and ventilation. You can also rest assured that all your online and offline data is completely secure and in extremely safe hands.

YOIN locations' facilities are accessible to all target groups. Our accessibility measures are clearly visible both online and on-site, from parking to conference rooms and communal areas.

Hospitality & Service
YOIN locations are true hospitality specialists with 'true service' as their unique selling point. They have established extremely reliable processes behind the scenes and their employees are encouraged to continually update and share their knowledge and skills.

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