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The connectors

Quality labels YOIN excellent meeting places and Recognized Conference Bureau have been part of CLC-VECTA since the start, with which locations and conference bureaus are well represented within the trade association. The daily work is carried out by Dineke (association manager), Edwin (MarCom and Events) and Petra (administration), the office team of CLC-VECTA, supported by the support of the board of CLC-VECTA. And of course a large team of ambassadors who continue to develop YOIN together with you!

Together we provide quality audits, a valuable program, connecting within our network, developing and collecting knowledge and good visibility.

Everything to offer our certified participants a quality label with value for themselves and their company.

Annika van Stuivenberg, Auditor

Annika van Stuivenberg began Nika Projects in 2018 as a freelance event and project manager. She draws on her own experience in various positions in the event industry, working with both with event management agencies and venues. Annika was Sales & Events Manager with the TeKa Group, for example.

Goal as an auditor
Together with the venues, to raise the market to a higher level and to grow the sector - figuratively speaking. Annika: 'Goals every venue is already working hard to achieve, of course. In fact, I feel the events sector leads the way when it comes to innovation. That is precisely why we can and must reinforce each other; clients have an abundance of choice. You have to distinguish yourself in terms of quality and innovation. A quality mark can emphasise that. What's more: a quality mark serves as a cast-iron marketing tool.'

Bianca Cuperus, Auditor

Bianca Cuperus founded Buro Bic in 2010 to help entrepreneurs and sales professionals develop and market new and innovative hotel and meeting concepts. After completing her Hotel and Catering College education, Bianca started working at Walt Disney World. She went on to work in various hotels in the US, before returning to the Netherlands where, for example, she worked as sales manager at Golden Tulip, Autogrill Benelux and Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky.

Goal as an auditor
To raise the conference and meeting market to a higher level and to create solidarity among the members of YOIN excellent meeting places and Erkend Congresbureau.

Bianca: 'Members need to be able to rely on one another and collectively stand for quality. We are a community and as such we can share knowledge and experience to maintain high standards of the conference and meeting market. Together with the members, we can raise awareness of the quality mark and convince guests and people booking a venue to choose a certified organisation.'

Michiel Smilde, Auditor

Michiel Smilde is a freelance event project manager operating under the name Eventerim. In addition, as destination manager and director, he is closely involved in Event Park Amsterdam Convention Bureau, a joint initiative of the convention and events industry in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. Michiel gained experience in catering, after which he started working as a sales and event manager at Stage Entertainment. Among other things, Michiel co-founded the 'Special Venues Platform’ (Platform Bijzondere Locaties), which he has not been involved in since leaving the venue sector.

Goal as an auditor
Sharing knowledge and expertise, advising and contributing to the further development of YOIN excellent meeting places and Erkend Congresbureau. Michiel: 'And yes, of course I take various measuring devices with me when I inspect a business, but I also firmly believe in the added value of atmosphere and experience.'

Simone Verdaasdonk, Auditor

Simone Verdaasdonk has been involved with YOIN excellent meeting places (formerly Vergaderhamers) for over 10 years. Initially behind the scenes, but since 2014 as an auditor. Simone 'At every audit, I am always inspired by the pride people take in presenting their venue. There is so much passion and hospitality in this sector.

Goal as an auditor
Following recent changes and the expansion of the team of auditors, we are ready for the future.

We have professionalised, with fresh ideas, and I can't wait to get started. I am looking forward to that and to the new audits.

Sandra van den Berk, Auditor

Sandra van den Berk has worked in the hospitality industry for her entire career. As a meeting planner for pharmaceutical company Organon, she travelled the world and saw countless venues both in front of and behind the scenes. She subsequently fulfilled various sales roles at Evoluon, Aristo and the Philips Museum, among others. At present, Sandra is sales manager at NH Conference Centre Koningshof.

'It's not about selling a venue. It's about matching the client's needs.'

Goal as an auditor
Sandra believes that the value of YOIN lies in sharing experiences and networks. As an auditor, she wants to build a relationship with the participants. 'YOIN is more than a label. As an auditor you have to build trust, and by offering advice, we can provide added value. A winning formula. Especially now, because it's difficult to stay alert when the market is at a standstill.'

Mariëlle Willems, Auditor

Mariëlle Willems studied at the Maastricht Hotel Management School and worked as a sales manager for various hotels. She worked for Madurodam for over eight years and in 2001, together with a business partner, founded Letsgoactive, a training agency in the field of hospitality and leadership. Today, Mariëlle is only involved with Letsgoactive as a trainer and currently runs her own agency BMoved HR advies & actie.

Goal as an auditor
'YOIN excellent meeting places offers an organisation various tweaks. The results of the audit and the mystery inspection give a complete picture and therefore a basis for further development of the organisation. I particularly want to inspire people about quality improvement, knowledge sharing and advising. As an equal partner that analyses and advises. It is not about the assessment of that one telephone call or visit, but rather about the long term.'