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The audit

Every company seeking certification is audited in two ways, the results of which together provide an overall assessment:
1. self-audit by the venue

2. audit by appointment by our auditor

Set questionnaires are used for both the self-audit and the inspection by the auditor. These questionnaires are well structured and conveniently divided into chapters with a summary. There is space for comments and advice, ensuring the audits are not static and that you, as venue, will receive a valuable and useful report.

We share the knowledge gained from the audits with you, as certified a venue, in the form of articles, dossiers and knowledge boosters. The reports offer useful insight and can be accessed by the venue with a login. The data from all venues together are used to create a benchmark, which is visible in the dashboard. This allows each venue to see the results of their audit are and how they perform compared with colleagues. The history of all data is stored. This rich source of data provides important insights that we use to help you continue to grow.

To obtain the quality label, you must at least meet the basic requirements. Among other things, we look at:

  • General conditions, permits, safety, insurance.
  • Sustainable organisation
  • Hygiene
  • Capacity of halls, restaurants, toilets, foyers and the ratio between these
  • Accessibility and approachability for all target groups
  • Parking
  • Signposting
  • Interior, comfort and image
  • Facilities, ICT, lighting and sound
  • Maintenance
  • Climate and ventilation
  • Information and communication
  • Quality and service
  • People and organisation
  • Food & Beverage

The two parts of the audit together consist of more than 375 checkpoints, which are weighted to produce a total score. If the result is 80% or more, the quality label is awarded. If you fall just short of 80%, the auditor will indicate what you could do and how much room you have to make adjustments.