Playground for Venues: a 3-day experience that can only be booked by hotels and venues


The busy thinkers and skilled doers from the world of venues and hotels are cordially invited to book the immersive experience of Playground For Venues: the ultimate destination where event and location experts use the power of nature to ignite the fire within themselves. (re)discover. The 3-day, offline, in-person and, above all, groundbreaking outdoor play adventure, is run by YOIN collaboration partner Venue Marketing & The Maker Sessions. They send participants the necessary breath of fresh air through their brand, location or organization. This unique adventure can only be booked through locations and hotels.

Immense (10,000 m2) private playground for event locations and hotels
Playground for Venues is a magical place and experience far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life: just a 3.5-hour drive from Utrecht, this WiFi-free oasis is hidden in the green heart of the Sauerland. Only visionaries and innovators come together here to embrace nature - or is it the other way around? The team spirit is strengthened and the flame within is rekindled by the absence of internet and minimal use of technology.

Stijn & Stijn: the driving forces
Playground for Venues is the brainchild of Stijn Oude Vrielink (Venue Marketing) and Stijn van Oss (The Maker Sessions), also known as Stijn & Stijn or Stijn-Kwadraat. The two Stijns have extensive experience in marketing, events and setting connections on fire throughout Europe. They dreamed of a special place where only locations and hotels could come together. Playground for Venues is that place: a natural play paradise with a rich program, full of creative workshops. A place and adventure especially for those who want to develop further and for whom offering a unique and authentic offer is one of the highest goals.

Sonoma Valley Experience
The three-day Sonoma Valley Experience (read all about it here!) is a unique opportunity to get back to basics by playing outside again like a child and making voyages of discovery in a stimulating, adventurous environment. The breathtaking views and fresh mountain air make you reappreciate the simple things in life. Both individuals and teams feel (again) where their strength lies and where inspiration for their brand and their work flows faster.

Adventurous & substantive not-to-miss program
The added value of the Playground for Venues journey is not only in the location and the offline aspect: the content and design are at least as important. The valuable program is rooted in extensive experience in the field of marketing and connection. An inventory of marketing, strategy or positioning needs according to the Venue Marketing Academy principles is as essential a part as the Outdoor Cooking Clinic or the Storytelling Campfire Session. Those who want to experience the Sauerland wilderness even more deeply can book various extras, such as a Woodcarving Clinic or a Corporate Tribe Art session.

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