Recertification for Woudschoten Hotel & Conferentiecentrum!


Two years after obtaining the YOIN quality mark, Woudschoten Hotel & Conferentiecentrum was due for a re-inspection this summer. This reinspection was carried out by YOIN auditor Michiel Smilde.

This independent reassessment has meant that we can congratulate the Woudschoten team on achieving the recertification. The location, located in the woods of Zeist, has a total of 30 conference rooms. What is special about the location is that the complex consists of three wings, where one wing can be fully equipped for medium-sized conferences, up to about 350 people.

Auditor Michiel says: "Woudschoten gives the feeling of coming home. In the middle of the woods. A beautiful location with a rustic, homely, carefree and confidential atmosphere. Together with the versatile meeting, F&B and hotel facilities, this offers a fantastic place for the organization of various training courses, meetings and events. The warm heart of the company is located in the Villa, a gem in my opinion. The Chapel, also a place for special meetings! The other more modern and functionally furnished rooms and facilities in the other wings offer many options for different species and group compositions."

Woudschoten Hotel & Conferentiecentrum also remains affiliated to the Champions League of the Dutch location market.

YOIN congratulates the team, led by Hans van Pelt and Dinand Brunsveld, on achieving the recertification.

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