Landgoed de Rosep recertified!


Two years after obtaining the YOIN quality mark, Landgoed de Rosep was ready for a re-inspection.

Landgoed de Rosep, located in the Oisterwijk woods, has been a successful family business for more than 25 years and has 20 unique meeting rooms that are fully equipped.

This re-inspection was carried out by YOIN auditor Sandra van den Berk. And it is nice to mention that Landgoed de Rosep has successfully completed the new audit!

Auditor Sandra is full of praise for the location: "Landgoed de Rosep is a beautiful, atmospheric location with a well-known name for years. Everything looks very nice (and very clean). As a guest you immediately feel very comfortable and welcome."

And so Landgoed de Rosep also remains affiliated with the Champions League of the Dutch location market. YOIN congratulates the team, led by Henri Verhoeven, on achieving the recertification.

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