Meeters has received recertification!


Two years after obtaining the YOIN quality mark, Meeters was ready for a re-inspection. Our auditor Sandra van den Berk carried out the new audit.

The location in Uden, previously known as the IBN meeting center, was extensively renovated and restyled in 2020 and provided with the new name Meeters. Meeters is a meeting location where people meet for conferences, gatherings and meetings, to do business comfortably and enjoy a good meal together.

We are very pleased to announce that Meeters has successfully completed the re-inspection. This means that they will be retained for the Champions League of the Dutch location market. The location therefore meets the strictest requirements and standards for conference and meeting accommodations in the Netherlands.

Auditor Sandra has nice words for the location:
"Meeters has a unique way of working in which they guide people in society who need this. It is a great environment and where everyone is inspired, really wanting to work and learn. A wonderful concept! Big compliments to Ymke and team for how every day again full of energy and the interests of the target group are taken into account."

YOIN would like to congratulate the Ymke Henselmans team on the recertification!

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