Old & Newsletter: Happy holidays!


The end of 2023 is in sight. A good time to look back on the past year and look ahead to 2024.

Valuable addition
The year naturally started with a valuable addition to the YOIN membership. As a YOIN certified location and conference agency, you will receive membership of CLC-VECTA, the industry association for live communication, as a gift from 2023. Many locations and conference agencies have taken the opportunity to participate in the CLC-VECTA meetings, the associated network, the legal desk and the various purchasing benefits.

New Locations and re-inspections
At YOIN excellent meeting places we have been able to certify 9 new locations in the past period. Our independent auditors have carried out the new audits with great enthusiasm in recent months. In addition, no fewer than 27 (!) locations were due for a biennial re-inspection. All these locations meet the strictest requirements and standards for conference and meeting accommodations in the Netherlands. Or as we say: the 'champions league' of the Dutch conference and event location market.

Parting ways
Halfway through this year, connector Marie-Louise Buckens said goodbye to YOIN excellent meeting places. She has revived the quality label "Meeting Hammers" with great pleasure and has put it back on the market. After that wonderful restart and rollout, she confidently transferred her daily work to the CLC-VECTA office team: Dineke, Petra and Edwin.

Knowledge & Inspiration
YOIN excellent meeting places, in collaboration with Venue Marketing, presented the second edition of the marketing research for the hotel and location industry. The survey, based on data collected in May and June of 2023, provides valuable insights and comparisons to the previous survey in 2021 and potential opportunities for location entrepreneurs. These valuable research results can be viewed by our members via the YOIN website.

In addition to the opportunity to spar with the auditors, a number of Knowledge Boosters have also been organised. At the beginning of this year, YOIN organized the Knowledge Booster for Locations, in which contact persons from locations discussed the subject of sustainable events.

In the autumn, during the Knowledge Booster 'Where Hospitality meets Sustainability', we discussed the theme of sustainability with various event managers, contact persons from locations and sustainable partners. And during the Knowledge Booster 'Accessibility & Inclusion' we discussed with contact persons from locations and event managers how accessible and inclusive locations and events are for people with disabilities.

In short, the past year for YOIN was all about growth, optimization and further loading of the quality mark. A solid foundation that we will continue to build on next year!

The team at YOIN excellent meeting places wishes you and your loved ones happy and enjoyable holidays and a great start to 2024!