Congratulations to Van der Valk Veenendaal!


After two years, Van der Valk Hotel Veenendaal was ready for a re-inspection for the YOIN quality mark. Our auditor Mariëlle Willems carried out this new audit with great pleasure.

Shortly after its opening in 2014, this location was rated as a YOIN excellent meeting place. With 152 attractive rooms, 15 multifunctional rooms, an à la carte restaurant and a wellness/fitness center, this Van der Valk Hotel in Veenendaal is a unique location. The hotel offers (meeting) facilities with all the comfort and luxury you would expect from a 4-star hotel.

The location also passed this re-inspection successfully. This means that the Veenendaal location will be retained until the Champions League of the Dutch location market. This means it meets the strictest requirements and standards for conference and meeting accommodations in the Netherlands.

We congratulate the Van der Valk Veenendaal team on achieving the recertification and we would like to thank sales manager Jenna van Hardeveld for the guidance during the audit.

The results of the audit can be read in YOIN's digital dashboard. You can log in here to view the results of the audit in detail. In addition to the questions, the weighing and the result, the deeper layers behind the question can also be viewed with tips, compliments or advice from the auditor.