Start of renovation of 66 hotel rooms Kontakt der Kontinenten


Great news about YOIN excellent meeting place Conference Hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten!

From January 2024, 66 rooms in the Missiehuis will be renovated. These rooms are all located in the North America and Europe wing, to the left of the main entrance. These are comfort rooms, double rooms, single rooms and disabled rooms. These rooms are stripped and fitted with new furnishings. The facilities and dimensions remain the same.

Have you stayed overnight with us before? Then you may have already seen our tasting room.

This test room was completed with an initial design at the beginning of 2023. Guests who stayed in this room could complete a survey and share their feedback about the atmosphere, material choices, lighting and comfort, among other things. We used this feedback to further improve the design and make final choices for the renovations of the next 66 rooms.